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Seabourne Logistics enters Asian market with new warehouse in Singapore

Seabourne Logistics has further expanded its global warehouse network, with the addition of a new facility in Singapore. The company’s latest 2000 sqm warehouse joins a growing portfolio of strategically located storage solutions, which includes recent openings in Birmingham, UK that covers 2000 sqm, and an 8500 sqm facility in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

According to Dennis Hendriks, General Manager for Seabourne Logistics, the expansion represents a significant step in Seabourne Logistics’ ambitious growth strategy and improves the company’s service to existing customers.

Max Hoogmoet, Inventory Control Coordinator for Seabourne Logistics, successfully organised the implementation of the new warehouse in Singapore, which is strategically located within South-East Asia.  For two weeks, Hoogmoet was stationed on-site, overseeing the relocation of customers’ goods from their previous warehouses to the new facility.

The new location offers a full range of services, including picking and packing, and is fully compatible with Seabourne’s Warehouse Management System, which is used across all of its global warehouses. Additionally, all imports to the facility are exempt from both Goods and Services Tax and customs duties.

“VAT and duties are only applied when goods are shipped from the facility to another country.  This significant advantage makes the facility an attractive option for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and reduce costs,” says Hendriks.

The new warehouse offers a temperature-controlled environment, which is increasingly sought after by cargo owners. This is particularly important in Singapore’s hot climate, as it allows for longer storage times – without compromising product protection and shelf life. It reduces the risk of losses due to damages and spoilage and enables the logistics service provider to handle a wider variety of cargo safely.

Longstanding Seabourne Logistics client Assouline Publishing has welcomed the move into Singapore. “Seabourne has handled our logistics out of their warehouse in the Netherlands for several years and we are excited that they will now also be responsible for our cargo in the Far East,” says Assouline’s supply chain director Walter Braskett.

Seabourne continues to pride itself on the close relationships it has with its clients.

“As a company, we aim to build strong relationships with customers. This new warehouse allows for even greater collaboration as we deliver an improved and seamless service that is efficient and flexible in meeting our customers’ exact needs,” concludes Hendriks.

The Seabourne Logistics Singapore team, ready and geared to service the Asian market.

Seabourne Logistics are extremely excited about their new warehouse in Singpore and pleased to be entering the Asian market.

The expansion into warehousing in Singapore allows Seabourne Logistics to increase its service to Assouline Publishing.